Joint Regen Review

Joint Regen Review

Article title: Joint Regen Review (Revised)


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Joint Regen Review



Do you have a deep pain in your knee from working out? Have you been trying so-called “top rated joint supplements,” that can cure all the pain in your joints and get you back to what you used to be? Let me guess, they didn’t work as advertised, and instead, for the past few months, you’ve been popping NSAIDs and painkillers to help alleviate the pain and reduce the inflammation.



Look, I’ve been there before, and I’ve loaded up the shopping cart with every supplement known to mankind. The problem with that is, 1. the cost and 2. who has the time to remember to take 10-12 supplements in order to rebuild and revitalize your joint health?



Finding the best joint supplement for your body can be very difficult, trust me, but it’s not impossible. This review will focus on a supplement, that I believe can help you without any risk involved. It’s 100% naturally made, and manufactured by a reputable company in a FDA approved facility.



It’s called Joint Regen, and here’s everything you need to know before you go out and try it.



Who Is Behind Joint Regen?



The creative genius behind Joint Regen is a company called, ASResearch or ASR. They are led by the founder, Rich Gray, who has been relentless in his pursuit of an all natural joint supplement designed for athletes joint pain, reduce inflammation, and repair worn out joints.



Gray and his team of scientists have developed that exact formula, that aims not only at relieving pain, but more importantly, rebuilding the healthy joint tissue.



Rich Gray along with ASResearch have producing reliable and trustworthy supplements for athletes and bodybuilders for nearly 20 years. Their company operates at a FDA approved facility, all of their products are made in the U.S. and are approved by the cGMP standard.


Are your sore knees limiting your ability to:


  • Exercise and stay active?
  • Have fun with your family and friends – let’s face it, joint pain can deprive you of these precious experiences and limit your activity in sports and recreation.
  • Prevent you from doing the things you love to do
  • Get around, which makes you dependent on others to just do the things needed for daily living.
  • Perform your duties at work. Even if you aren’t doing heavy physical work, being on your feet for long periods of time in your work can hinder your performance.

Who is Joint Regen For?



People like you, who have issues with their joints, but also want to get back into the gym and regain the performance they once had. While the supplement is designed for bodybuilders to help build their joint health, it can be used by anyone who is active.



Joint Regen has been proven to be one of the best joint supplements on the market, as it has been tested on athletes extensively. This supplement is for the man or woman who wants to maximize and maintain their daily regimen.



Joint Regen is for:



People fed up with taking dangerous painkillers, and finding themselves living with the unmanageable side effects it gives you.



People who are tired of being lied to, that painkillers will take care of your pain, but it isn’t actually address the underlying problem.



People who spend the day wondering how they’ll get through it with the massive amounts of pain.



People whose personal lives are affected and find themselves struggling to perform their duties at work, or get through a workout.




Painkillers and NSAIDs aren’t what they are cracked out to be. If you’ve been taking them to get through your workouts, then you need to understand what harm it could do to you in the long term. Also, keep in mind, are you still in pain? Are you getting better? Or are these painkillers and Anti-steroidals just masking the problem, but making matters worse?



The Risks Of Painkillers and NSAIDs



All you have to do is look at the headlines probably even in your own town, to see another overdose, or a politician calling painkillers a national epidemic. It’s true, they are a crisis.



There have been many studies to show us that long-term usage of NSAIDs and painkillers can produce a plethora of health issues. Is it your fault? Most likely not, you’ve only been given a couple of options in order to sustain your active lifestyle.



Either your doctor told you that pain is a natural element of bodybuilding, or your doctor told you they can only help you with painkillers. And why is that? Well, as I found and you’re finding out now, Big Pharma and doctors have no interest in a long term solution. It’s all about stacking their wallets. And the person that suffers is you.



Risks of Painkillers



Chemical dependency.



Nasty withdrawals.









Liver issues.







Risks of NSAIDs



NSAIDs are responsible for more than half of bleeding ulcers.



Heart attack risks.



Stroke risks.



Kidney damage.



High blood pressure.




As you can see, that’s some scary stuff possibly happening inside your body. NSAIDs offer a short term healing, because of their anti-inflammatory properties, but invite a slew of long term effects that outweigh the positives.



The studies are out, and the results are in, taking an all-natural joint healing and rebuilding supplement is the best course of action.



Is It Safe?



One of the common questions people will have is, does it come with side effects? You may see these commercials of other RX companies claiming they can “give you the best night of sleep you’ve ever had,” if you pop one of their pills daily. Of course, the next thirty seconds of the advertisement is spent on listing the myriad of potential side effects.



With Joint Regen, your body is safe, as their are no toxic ingredients inside it. As matter of fact, Joint Regen is made with 13- 100 percent natural ingredients.



Can’t I Just Buy Each Ingredient For Cheaper?



I use to say that myself–why should I overpay for something when I can go to the grocery store and get it myself cheaper?



Well, it turns out that isn’t the case, and if that’s your reason, you will find out yourself. It’s actually more expensive to buy all 13 ingredients that is inside this one supplement.



You will spend three times the amount trying to round up each of these components to get the results you need.



Guess what? As I found out, even after you get those supplements, spending hundreds of dollars, there’s another problem you’ll face, actually two.



1: They Aren’t Designed For Your Specific Needs



Most of the supplements on the market in the grocery stores are for people with fairly relaxed lifestyles. This means, they aren’t pushing it to the brink like you are. Second, these supplements aren’t going to cooperate with one another because of their proportions.



With Joint Regen, these ingredients have been tested and formulated to work many purposes. Not to just mask the pain, although that’s a positive. Joint Regen is made to encourage a plethora of health building benefits. Such as:



Improved mobility.



Less stiffness.



Repair and revitalize joint tissue.



Alleviate constant inflammation.



Reduce aging.



Improve calcium integration in cartilage




And much more, that we will discuss later in the review. The point is, to be blunt, these supplements on the shelves at Wal Mart or Costco, are made for senior citizens with a resting lifestyle. These people aren’t active as much as you trying to regain what they once had.



2: Remembering To Take All 13



After you buy all of these supplements for over a hundred dollars and finding out, that it didn’t do you as much good as you hoped for, there’s another big task at hand. And that is, taking all of these supplements.



I don’t know about you, but the more supplements needed, the more I need to remember when to take them. And then, when one runs out, you have to go to the store so it’ll give you the full benefits.



For me, that was too much work, which is why I researched for a product that contained each proven ingredient into one pill.



Joint Regen isn’t a product meant to only manage pain. It’s more than that, but to understand why you are in pain, you need to understand what the problem you are dealing with and how your joints work to fully appreciate what this supplement can do for you.



The Four Way Pyramind In Understanding How Your Joints Work



Painkillers don’t do anything to address the issue. When you’re in pain, it’s your body telling you something is wrong. For me, it was my knees from being a running back on a high school football team, that caught up with me. To understand why your knees or any of your joints are giving you trouble, a basic understanding about how everything works is helpful:






The tendons work with your muscle and this propels movements to the bone.






These are like your anchors, they act as a stabilizer connecting bone to bone.






Reduces the friction, and acts as a shock absorber.



Synovial Fluid:



This is what lubricates the joint by being produced from synovial membrane.



When all of these are operating correctly, undisturbed, it allows your limbs to mobilize efficiently. This is what you probably once had, before testing your body to the limits.



So once you start experiencing pain after all of those years of working out, or running the field, throwing at high speeds, or making sharp cuts, that is a way of your body simply telling you there’s an issue.



While there are many reasons or issues, you could be suffering from, these are three most common issues for your joints.






This is the most common of arthritis. The ends of your bones are telling you that they are worn down from the pressure of the cartilage. You’ll mostly experience this in the small of your back, your hands, knees, or neck and hips.






This is when there is inflammation or irritation to your tendons. You’ll hear an athlete, such as a Major League Baseball pitcher suffer from this issue commonly. This is felt in the shoulders or elbows.



Sprains and Strains:



These are basically the same but only different in location. So, a sprain is a stretch or tear in your ligament, whereas a strain will have the same effects but to your muscles and tendons. As a bodybuilder or athlete, you are most likely to undergo a strain or sprain at some point in your careers. You can also feel strains in your back, hamstring, while sprains are met at the ankles.



A good supplement needs to provide nourishment to all four factors in your joints. Without that nourishment, all that simply happens, is what you’re experiencing now,a short term remedy. You may be taking joint supplements or knee pain relief products now, but they won’t work and here’s why!



The Reason Most Joint Supplements Fail You



As we’ve plainly discussed in this review, you are getting the proper targeted supplement, yet. That’s because most products don’t contain the right ingredient balance, and in saying that, they aren’t able to target the “four-way joint pyramid.”



For instance, Glucosamine is a must have for joint pain relief. Yet, that doesn’t benefit your tendons and ligaments. Most of these supplements only contain “pain relief” products, but do nothing about providing the right components for the whole joint.



You aren’t just asking for joint pain relief, what you are asking for is your active life back! You don’t want to have to take a bunch of painkillers in order to do your reps in the gym, or throw the pigskin with a friend. That’s the whole point, right? Well, with the right winning formula, you can do those things, as a good joint supplement such as, Joint Regen, combines the proper proportional amount of ingredients to feed whole joint to regenerate and improve overall health.



The overall resolution to better joint health looks like this:



Rebuilds new cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. This gives you better mobility.



Reduces incessant inflammation, which causes discomfort.



Repairs old and worn out joints to reduce the aging process.



Relieves stiff, soreness, and tenderness while reducing pain.




Now, if you do your research like I have, you’ll find that in order to reinvent yourself athletically and in the gym, these issues must all be addressed. Not just the pain, and discovering a solution wasn’t possible because, hitherto, there wasn’t a joint supplement on the market. Until now, and that’s why I am going to tell you about Joint Regen and what it’ll do for you to improve your overall joint health.



What’s In The Supplement?



This supplement is designed for us active people, athletes and bodybuilders, who may be beat up, but aren’t dead. We want our lives back, and with a little help, are ready to take it back.



The Joint Regen supplement is one of the best joint supplements because it contains no synthetics elements in tricking your pain receptors with chemicals. Not only will it reduce pain in your lower back, knee, arms, or elbows, but it helps sustain better health.



Joint Regen is the only true supplement geared for that purpose and for the active lifestyle of an athlete or bodybuilder.



After testing it out in cGMP certified labs on many recipients, Gray and his team at ASResearch concluded that there is no other formula that can match what this supplement has. That’s because of what it has inside it. Words mean little, but scientific action speaks loudly.






Or Cetyl Myristoleate is an anti-inflammatory and a joint lubricant. Studies done by the Joint European Hospital Studies Program showed impressive results with CMO. It showed that 63 percent of the participants showed taking CMO reduces stiffness, and inflammation while relieving stiffness. Other studies, have shown that the “Miracle molecule” enhances range of motion, fight off infections, and boost your immune system.



As you can tell, Gray and his team really wanted CMO in their supplement for good reason, because of its multi-purpose.



Glucosamine Sulfate KCL



Glucosamine is used in most joint pain relief products, and it’s one of the best components in doing the work of relieving pain. Glucosamine can also do other things to benefit the joints such as, trigger chemical production which helps build tendons, ligaments, cartilage and synovial fluid.



If you remember the four-way joint pyramid, a good product must address all four of those foundations, which this chemical does. In the long term, this will reduce breakdowns of cartilage and synovial fluid.



Chondroitin Sulfate



When Chondroitin Sulfate is used with the ingredient, Glucosamine, it helps enhance joint pain relief. This chemical can be found in shark cartilage, and has been thought to be effective in preventing osteoarthritis from getting worse,when used regularly. It’s a quick acting compound that helps with relieving pain.



Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)



MSM can be found in small amount of people’s blood. MSM works as a building block for proteins especially in muscle, hair, joint and skin tissue. MSM is also believed to benefit arthritis.



Joint Regen could have stopped with those three elements in the joint supplement, but added overall health benefits to the equation. These elements are considered, Synergistic compounds.



Boswellia Serrata Extract:



This compound is efficient in helping with inflammation. It also promotes joint health.



Shark Cartilage:



This may sound odd, but shark cartilage has been determined to be extremely beneficial in terms of arthritis. It combats both the causes and symptoms of arthritis, while repairing damaged cartilage. It also reduces joint swelling, and lubricates the joint surface. This will increase comfort, and your mobility.






This is a trace mineral, and a significant one at that because it is believed to be effective in pain relief to the joint. It also add calcium integration into the cartilage and bones. Because this improves the strength of your bones, it also will reduce the pain as it provides more padding for the joints.






Piperine can reduce inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.






A trace mineral, that is great for bodybuilders and people looking to control their weight. Not only does it reduce weight but it control blood sugar levels as well.






A study shows that taking Zinc three times per day will improve arthritis. Zinc can reduce swelling, stiffness, and inflammation.






Copper can help aid growth, reduce inflammation, and improve the growth in connective tissue, and heal wounds.



Vitamin C:



Vitamin C cleans your body out of non free radicals, that are harmful to the joints. Vitamin C can do many things beneficial to your overall body as it has been well documented.






This antioxidant trace mineral staves off free radicals from attacking body cells. This improves and builds your immune system, keeping you refreshed.



The Final Verdict



When I first looked into a joint supplement, I wasn’t fortunate enough to have all the information in front of me. That’s why I aimed at making this review as informative as possible, so I could help you make the decision easier.



Clearly there are numerous ingredients in this supplement that have many advantages. Not only do they work in helping gain your mobility back, regenerate your joint tissue and strengthen the overall joint, this pain relief formula has properties that are highly advantageous for your overall health.



With the synergistic compounds included with the “Big three,” you will see results effective and quick. This will help with fatigue, and strains or sprains, eliminate coping during your exercises, and allow you to be a new you. The old you, that you remember!



What If I Don’t Like It?



It’s possible, although I doubt it, because I have seen many great results from taking this miracle formula with my workout program. If you don’t, then you have nothing to worry about, and there’s no hard feelings. Here’s why.



ASResearch and Rich Gray are very confident in what this joint supplement can do. If Joint Regen isn’t improving your overall mobility, if you don’t feel revitalize, if you don’t feel like that athlete you once were, then Gray and his customer support team will refund your account without any questions asked. It’s a 100 percent, 60 day money back guarantee– you really don’t have nothing to worry about other than how much weight you’ll be throwing up during your squat reps.



There are a ton of supplements making such bold claims at getting you back to your old form, but they never live up to the hype, but another important factor is–they don’t offer the same guarantee that Joint Regen offers. If you don’t love it, if you aren’t pain free, then you contact their customer support or email the contact information along with your trial offer for a refund. It’s that simple.



Joint Regen is a 100% all natural supplement, that not only relieves your joint pain, but works miracles at regenerating and rebuilding your joint tissue. Now is the time to get back to feeling active, healthy and pain free. Flush the toxic drugs down the drain, and give Joint Regen a try with their 60 day pain free, hassle free offer. Get your life back now, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What are you waiting for?